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Jewelry is a fundamental part of fashion, but it is also an accessory that is part of everyday attire. In this sense, earrings are probably the most used ornamental objects today.
Their designs are very varied and in the current jewelry market, we find all kinds, all prices and designed with various types of materials, even artisanal designs have become fashionable, which in many cases use recycled materials.
If you want to know the different types of earrings that exist, read on and find out in this informative article.

Types of earrings

These days, earrings are one of the favorite accessories of most people and are a must as a complement to everyday life or for a special occasion.
Although there is a wide variety of earrings and models, the classification can vary depending on many factors, here we present the most known types of earrings.

Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are a classic and, as such, they cannot be missing from your jewelry box. They are elegant and can have one or more pearls. It all depends on the design and your tastes.
And you know what is best with this jewel? It never goes out of fashion!
Whether natural or artificial, there is a wide variety of colors, shapes, shine and sizes in the world of jewelry when it comes to pearl earrings. In general, these earrings brings elegance and sophistication. If you like to look good for every special occasion and play it safe but elegant, pearl earrings are a guaranteed choice.
On the other hand, it is important to know that pearl earrings are mostly attached to the stem with glue. So over time these can fall off if worn in hot showers. It is better to remove them so as not to dilute the glue and also not to damage the mother-of-pearl with the soaps. Mother of pearl is what constitutes the pearl. On a pearl there are several thin layers of mother-of-pearl, it is the number of layers that determines the size of the pearl. The provenance, the color, the shape and the luster of it determine their price. If it is exposed too often to soap or perfume, the mother-of-pearl will lose its luster and color and it will have to be replaced.

Clip or snap earrings

In general, this type of earring does not have a rod and, as the name suggests, they are fixed to the ear lobe by pressure, which means that these are very practical piece of jewelry for people who don't have pierced ears.

Ear cuff

The ear cuff is an accessory designed to be worn on one ear, it connects the ear lobe to the cartilage, without it being necessary to pierce. Its mechanism usually uses a small chain or generally covers the profile of the ear with stones. In addition, its design is based on the shape of the letter C, similar to the style of the ear, to obtain a precise fit.

Sleeper earrings

Originally, the sleeper earrings were worn at night to prevent the pierced hole from closing. The sleepers are a round earring, in wich the rod fully penetrates the earring. This piece of jewelry is a bit difficult to install, but it is very safe when it is properly adjusted. They are very suitable for children's ears because they cling to the stem and are almost impossible to remove.


Today, huggies are probably the most popular earrings. Unlike rings, huggies are smaller, minimalist earrings, so called because they look like a small ring that "hugs" the part of the ear where it is placed. Most of the time, they are decorated with tiny precious or semi- precious stones.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the mechanism of these earrings contains a hinge that allows to open and close the earring. When it closes properly, you can hear a small click. As the stems of huggies are delicate, it is likely that over time they will not be as easy to grasp. If you notice that the hinge does not close properly, it is best to go to a professional jeweler who will adjust the rod and close it properly. This does not mean poor design of the earring, but normal wear and tear.

Stud earring

This type of earring is attached to the ear by a rod and a butterfly. There is a small notch in the rod and when the butterfly has been inserted, you can hear a small click when it is properly placed. They are very safe earrings if the butterfly is well held. There are also others which have a mechanism with a rod and a butterfly which is screwed.

Whether it is a regular rod or a screwed butterfly, it is important to check that the butterfly is correctly installed. A butterfly too close to the ear can cause injury and a butterfly that is too far away and improperly positioned can fall. The screwed rods are more expensive, but they do not guarantee that the butterfly will never fall. With our daily activities such as showering, when we dress or wear hats and scarves in winter, the earring can snag and pull the butterfly from the ordinary rod or unscrew it from the rod. In any case, the rule of thumb for this type of earrings is to check them daily to make sure they are in good condition.

Rings / Creole

Just like pearl earrings, hoop earrings are classics and cannot be missing from your jewelry box. It is a round earring with a rod or clip that serves as a clasp. Although there are different types of clasps, the most common is the hook clasp. In this mechanism, the clip (or rod) is welded to one end of the ring and, after passing through the ear, the rod is hooked to the other end of the ring in a receptacle designed for this purpose.

Despite the fact that the initial geometric shape of the Hoops was rounded, today, the creativity of jewelers and designers has made it possible to diversify the shape of these popular earrings. It is now possible to find new hoop variants, such as oval, angular, triangular, teardrop or heart hoop. It is for this reason, and many others, that hoops are one of the essential earrings in a jewelery case for women. Despite their new designs, the classic Creole form never goes out of fashion.


As their name suggests, these jewels are hanging on the ear. They are attached to it by a stick / butterfly, a hook or a lever system. They are long and of different shapes and can include different types of precious or semi- precious stones.

Ear Jacket

Did you know that it is now possible to find decorative accessories for your earrings and rings? Yes, just like you read it. If you didn't know, ear jackets are one of those accessories. And what is an ear jacket? These are jewelry accessories intended to enhance the aesthetic appearance of minimalist earrings.

The ear jacket is a complement which, through a hole, is introduced into the stem of the earrings and hangs behind the ear lobe. It is held in place by the butterfly and the stem of the earring.

This accessory is a jewelry trend that is gaining popularity with women. To put it simply, these are the most popular ear ornaments available today. They are sensational!