Jewelry creation

octeau joaillier création - Bague solitaire en or blanc serti d'un saphir

Whether it is to create a new model or remodeling of one of your jewelry that is dear to you, we will welcome you in a warm and family atmosphere; we will take the necessary time to discover your real needs in order to offer you a unique piece of jewellery that will reflect your personality in the most beautiful way.

We can work from a jewelry that you have (ex: ring that you no longer like, broken chain, one earring) and have them refined. Following the refining of your metal, we are left with 24k pure gold in which we can add the necessary alloy to obtain the karat (10 - 14 - 18 k) and the color (yellow, white, pink) that you want. In case we have to supply the metal, you will be billed by weight according to the karat.

After we discuss about the model we will create, the metals and stones that will be use, you will be given an estimate. Your jewel will then be handmade by Vincent Octeau or modeled with our 3D program by Isabelle Barrette.

For a handmade creation, Vincent will draw you a sketch of the model that will be made. It will then be sculpted or forged directly into the metal, depending on the technique required for the creation.

Remodeling - Technical Drawing

For the remodeling of a worn jewel, but which is dear to you, this one will be entirely remade by following the dimensions of the original piece. Since your gold and stones will be recovered and reused, the feeling of attachment to the jewel will only be accentuated for many years to come.

Remodelage - Image du rendu
Remodelage - Produit fini

In case of 3D modeling, you will receive a technical image as well as a rendering presenting the desired finish for your jewel. If you are unsure about the color of the gold or the kind of stones to be set on your jewel, several renderings can be provided to help you make your decision. If something on the model does not suit you or if you simply want to add something new, we will make the necessary changes until the model suits you.

Création - Dessin Technique
Création - Image du rendu
octeau joaillier création - Bague spirale en or jaune 10k
Création - Version finale

Following your approval, a wax will be printed and your model will be cast in the metal of your choice. The cleaning, polishing and setting of your piece will follow. To arrive at a final result that will enchant and dazzle you.