Today jewelry creation has become more versatile and less orthodox, and has moved away from the conventional idea of ​​jewelry. Technology has greatly contributed to this development. However, although there are now 3D modeling techniques that facilitate the jewelry creation and design process, this work can only be done by the virtuous hands of an artist. This artist is the jeweler. jewelry creation and design, this work can only be done by the virtuous hands of an artist. This artist is the jeweler.

Jewelry creation, the art of designing an emotion

Jewelry jewelry creation is an ancient art with a double advantage. On one hand, the creative process that is used to design an artistic piece of incomparable visual beauty gives an enormous emotional reward to the jewelry designer after having proudly appreciated the impeccable result and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, the jewelry itself acquires a symbolism that is associated with the effort, patience, thoroughness, creativity and personality of the jeweler. A symbolism which, moreover, acquires a deeper dimension when a person gives this creation a sentimental value linked to particular moments.

Jewelry jewelry creation, therefore, as in other branches of art, is born from a conception where the artist tries to express an identity, a state of mind, a personality in which, also today, thanks to technology , the client can get involved in the final finish and make a unique and exclusive piece.

The jewelry design process

The process of jewelry creation is complex and takes real talent to create such detailed and elegant pieces. Today, however, at each stage of the creation process, from rough stone to refined jewelry, jewelers combine their expertise with the many alternatives offered by technology to design and make jewelry.

On the other hand, whatever the diversity of techniques and methods, the process of creation, design and production of a piece of jewelry starts with the inspiration of the creator of the jewel ; then the representation and illustration of the concept is carried out, up to the graphic representation, 3D modeling and the final presentation of the part.

Creating jewelry in the digital age

With the rise and technological innovation and growth of the jewelry industry, it has become necessary to create a discipline that is responsible for the design, manufacture and the jewelry production in a scientific and professional context.

To this need is added the use of technology to facilitate and improve the processes of jewelry creation. One of the most significant advancements that have brought great benefits and savings to the jewelry industry is 3D software solutions.

With the technique of 3D jewelry conception, the process begins with a technical drawing of the jewel and the rendering of this image in 3D. Thus, the jeweler can analyze it, study it, shape it and personalize it according to the tastes and needs of the buyer without it physically existing, a practice which saves time and money.

In addition to these advantages, this technology offers wider communication possibilities with the customer, so that he can intervene in the process and personalize the parts without even having manufactured the jewel.

In this way, the client can receive the technical image and a representation of the desired finish for the jewel. If the buyer is not sure about the color of the gold or the type of stones to be set in the jewelry, several representations can be provided to help the buyer make a better decision. If there is a problem with the model or if you just want to add something new, it is possible to make the necessary changes until the model is adapted to the customer's needs and tastes. A technique which, a few years ago, was unthinkable.

However, all of the work, of the jewelry creation, in which technology is now an indispensable ally, can only be done by the hands of an artist.