c hildren’s jewelry you should know about

Children’s jewelry has become more in demand due to the variety of eye-catching designs. Many parents are delighted to see their children wearing quality accessories. 

However, there are many factors to consider before purchasing a piece of jewelry. First, you should think about the ideal material; they should be durable enough to withstand daily wear. You don’t want to pay for jewelry that will break before its time.

Second, you must determine the exact jewelry design that is appropriate for your child. Not every style may suit his or her taste. Lastly, find a jewelry store that can guide you in selecting children’s jewelry.

Now are you thinking or interested in buying children’s jewelry but don’t have much knowledge about the area? Then, this day, Octeau Joaillier presents you some children’s jewelry items that you must know.

Children’s earrings 

Children’s earring is a popular children’s jewelry item to buy and wear. Nowadays, it has become a custom to pierce the child’s ear from an early age. That way, the infant is already prepared to wear accessories that complement her beauty. 

Because of this, many jewelry stores have been concerned about having diversity in designs to suit the tastes of children. Always taking care of the quality of the product. Here are some designs:

Pearl design

This type of design can be simple, since it only consists of one pearl. However, due to its color and majesty it acquires favoritism for use in certain important events, such is the case of communion ceremonies, wedding events, or for other special occasions where you can combine this style of earring with your look. 

If you are interested in getting a design of this type, you can opt for the  » Flora  » Pearl earring for children, 5 mm in 10k yellow gold. Your little girl will love it!

Heart design

Now, if you want to get a more charming design, you can decide on earrings with heart design. Little girls at home are attracted to it. Moreover, with this style it is perfect to wear on casual and formal occasions. 

You can combine it with silver or gold material; however it will depend on the personal taste of each person. Some earrings with this design that may interest you are: earrings for children  » Flora  » heart in yellow gold, earrings for children  » Flora  » pink heart in yellow gold or earrings for children  » Flora  » pink heart in silver. 

Kitty Design

Continuing with the jewelry designs for children, we can not leave behind those that have emerged to please the tastes for animated characters. Such is the case of Hello Kitty. 

It can not necessarily be made of plasticized materials; combine them with gold or silver and you will see that they will be your daughter’s favorite.

Animal and insect designs

Many children feel a connection with nature, and therefore feel attracted to figures that are associated with it, such is the case of animal and insect designs.

In the world of children’s jewelry, you can not miss the earrings that have figure of flowers, are most trendy, however, there is a wide range of style that you can find, such as earrings for children  » Flora  » Pink butterfly  », bunny earrings for children  » Flora  » or earrings for children Dog  » Flora  ».

Children’s watches

If you thought we wouldn’t show you jewelry that your child can wear, you’re wrong. 

The trendy items for kids are watches. Their design makes them more adaptable and comfortable to wear. If you want your child to feel fashionable, this accessory is perfect to achieve that. 

That said, there are two types of watches to choose from: analog and digital.

Their difference between the two lies in the style of marking the time. Some children can perfectly read the positioning of the hands for time reading; however other children find it easier to locate their time by numbers.

Either option does not detract from the value of being perfect jewelry for kids who just want to accessorize their outfit.

Want to get more children’s jewelry? 

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